Microsoft and FutureMove Establish Partnership

FutureMove 2017-07-26

FutureMove Connected Vehicle and Automotive E-Commerce and Mobility Solution are encompassed in part of Microsoft Cloud Solution for automotive customers in China.

Beijing – May 10, 2016 – Microsoft China and FutureMove Telematics Co. Ltd. established an exclusive partnership for Microsoft Cloud Solution for automotive industry in wave one. Basing on the powerful Microsoft Azure and the Connected Vehicle and Digital expertise of FutureMove, which will create innovative connected solutions to facilitate more sustainable development for automotive players on connectivity, intellectualization and digitalization.

Based on the automotive industry research, connectivity, intellectualization and digitalization are increasingly important for the consumer buying a new vehicle. In order to position themselves to successfully compete for the connected customer, automotive players need to adapt a holistic perspective in defining their future business requirements, with a particular focus on internal digitization and the creation of a digital end-to-end user experience. This requires software development skills, integration into an ecosystem, and a closer relationship with the end customer.

Microsoft has embraced partners to customize industry solution based on Azure platform to help the automotive customers to cope with the changings. Its advanced technology of Cloud Computing, the precise business insights and the extensive service experience empowered the revolution and transformation for the automotive ecosystem.

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FutureMove is a high-tech enterprise focusing on providing connected and digital service with operation solutions to automotive customers, especially, OEMs.   FutureMove is also a pioneer who devote to provide smart Connected Vehicle Service and Mobility Service. Its expertise includes Telematics, Car Sharing service, car data service, automobile ecommerce and connected vehicle security, etc. Most importantly, FutureMove shares the same value with Microsoft. Their Slogan is “Smart and Vehicle as Service” and they have broader the definition of tradition TSP to DMSP “Digital and Mobility Service Provider”. FutureMove’s technology and their vision were well recognized and accepted by the industry. And they have already served many global and local OEMs successfully in the relevant field.

“We are delighted that we would be the exclusive partner of Microsoft Dynamics Solution for automotive industry.” Said Leon Yang, Chief Technology Officer, FutureMove. “Azure has made significant contributions for automotive industry, especially for connected vehicle filed. The advantage of the advanced technology and flexibility offered by Microsoft Azure and Dynamic will facilitate us to provide more sophisticated solutions to the industry. Meanwhile, it will bring more possibilities for our future innovation.”  

This partnership is the first cooperation trial between a domestic connected vehicle company with a global IT giant, which expended the possibilities that connected vehicle would reach in the automotive ecosystem. This techno-resource mutual complementarity model also provides the reference to other related players.