On the premise of conforming to city new energy vehicle regulation law,  FutureMove Automotive electric vehicle monitoring solution could provide new services to meet new customer requirements.FutureMove Automotive car time-share renting platform provides core functions including mobile APP,  vehicle smart terminal and operation management platform. mobile APP enables user to complete car renting process through mobile APP,  and enables user to easily find and get a car,  as well as freely drive the shared car,  which is convenient and personalized. The smart vehicle terminal provides highly intelligent,  configurable vehicle terminal to control vehicle and report vehicle status.  The operation management platform could provide visualizing vehicle backend management and monitoring,  which could directly report operation situation, and provide scheduling management,  andoptimize operation efficiency,  as well as increase operation income and decrease operation risk.

In addition, after EV monitoring platform being put into operation, FutureMove Automotive will arrange specialists to coordinate and resolve service and technical problems occurring in daily operation, as well as to provide service and maintenance support.