ConnectedEngine is FutureMove Automotive self-developed T-Box product. It is the basic component of Telematics to provide the data, enter point and the traffic channel for the in-vehicle devices. It realizes the vehicle remote monitoring and remote control. The ConnectedEngine is widely used in remote monitoring, infotainment service, car-sharing, car rental, fleet management, which also fulfilled the government monitoring commandment. ConnectedEngine collect the vehicle status information and upload the information to Telematics platform and monitoring platform through the CAN bus and connections with the other sensors.

The ConnectedEngine has the following features: qualified pre-installation quality to the leading OEMs; strong adaptation capability; excellent electrical safety and security; intelligent consumption control which balance the processing capability and working span; strong Bluetooth near-field control capacity which resolve the vehicle control problem when the network signal is failed.

This product is complied with Beijing and Shanghai local requirements and support the EV tipping application. Meanwhile, it obtained many national technology certificate and has used in pre-installation OEMs successfully.