As the pioneer of the Connected Vehicle industry, FutureMove Automotive has gained rich practical experiences. Command Center is the product built on those practical experiences.

In the IoT era, the new requirements come with the rapid changing. Real time data analysis need to be undertook with high load capacity, which requires a higher standard with the design of IT system.

The design of IT system with high load capacity is very challenge in Telematics operation. CommandCenter is composed of centralized data log, monitoring and ITSM. Log system is able to generate various forms of log with multi channels applications and components. Monitoring system is able to monitor the status of each service of device at any time. Alarm and ticket system will be triggered in case of malfunctions, and the system will try to recover automatically. ITSM system will trace the status and flow of every ticket, and provide the real-time KPI and SLA report to clients and IT managers. Based on these three systems, FutureMove Automotive also developed intelligent analysis and report engine independently, which will review each interaction between single user/users with application and the distribution so that to analysis the trends and identify the abnormity.

Command Center increased the operation efficiency significantly and it is very beneficial to OEMs and partners.