With the development of telematics, increasing OEMs have launched their own telematics services. According to different OEM projects, operation and operation support system has been paid more and more attention. OEM needs a powerful operation support system to ensure the quality of telematics service and to realize the value of telematics service. JOYMove Telematics operation platform could provide telematics service operation management for OEM from the perspective of a full life cycle management for telematics service.

JOYMove telematics operation platform is the core system to provide telematics product operation management for OEM. It could both provide management support for FutureMove telematics service as a complete system, and could be as a part of customized operation solution for OEM. Besides, JOYMove could also be divided into different function modules to serve enterprise requirements.

After car being sold, it is a long term process to provide telematics operation support. Telematics operation support includes the full life cycle management of customer, product, supply chain and infrastructure, and should provide complete operation service to user as well as improve service quality, decrease operation cost, and fully take advantage of data value. JOYMove platform covers the entire life cycle from service launch, preparation to last operation. By the cooperation among subsystems, JOYMove could provide complete operation support. In JOYMove, partners’ management system is the foundation to acquire service support resource and ability, resource management system is used to conducts management, service management system is relied on to define product and service as well as carry out operation management, and CRM system is used to manages service purchase and usage.