DREAMove vehicle EQ platform is the brain of smart vehicle. With advanced scenario perception and big data engine, DREAMove redefines application and service centering on user driving scenario (human + vehicle + route), and gives vehicle intelligence, enables vehicle to fully understand user scenario and real-time demand, which provides driver more active and more intimate service, as well as personalized ultimate experience. Moreover, DREAMove has a great integration of socialized and entertaining concept. By smart engine, DREAMove enables to accurately determine user characteristics and scenario. Combing with telematics interesting feathers as well as using the concept of game design, DREAMove extremely inspires user participation and interaction, which not only improves user stickiness and promotion speed, but also activates more business value.

Meanwhile, a perfect HMI system is one of the most important part of the DREAMove. So the HMI design could present useful information for driver and passenger, in which the minimum of driver attention is distracted and the maximum of the data efficiency is input and output. The HMI system independently developed by FutureMove Automotive provides abundant telematics service for drivers including navigation, real-time traffic, POI search, one-key navigation, voice news, online music, online FM, voice command, voice broadcast, car status info, fault alarm, E-call, etc.

The FutureMove HMI takes driving scenarios feature in concern to avoid the impact of user action while driving. It breaks the state that each application is separated in traditional HMI design, and centers on the scenarios, select application composition according to different scenarios, and intelligently recommends appropriate application according to current scenario, which brings different user experience (application, content), and improve user safety while driving, as well as increase the user convenience and satisfaction when using telematics service.

In the future, DREAMove will be an open platform with great number of users. And it will share the deep understanding of both user and vehicle to help telematics developer acquire user travel regularity and real-time demand, and develop the most proper application. Meanwhile, with the understanding of the scenario and demand for user real-time travel, DREAMove could easily identify demander and app supplier, facilitate the connection between both sides to efficiently improve transaction rate. We believe that DREAMove will have become a powerful engine for vehicle intelligence to activate telematics market, as well as to output inexhaustible great power for people driving experience.