COULDMove is a standardized Telematics service platform independently developed by FutureMove Automotive. The platform bases on our deep and perfect practice accumulation and proactive thinking on future technique development trend in Telematics Industry, combines telematics with mobile Internet, and relays on Cloud Computing, big data and other advancedtechnique.

CLOUDMove, a connected vehicle platform with the most advanced architecture in Telematics industry, could provide OEMs with fast and convenient one-stop service, and help OEMs and other cooperative partners to realize fast automotive interconnection. Based on this, the platform could provide end user with abundant personalized and socialized information interaction, and realize the seamless access from mobile terminals to Telematics online service, as well as provide user with the extreme experience of Human-Computer Interaction.

Based on cloud and open architecture, relying on modular design as well as Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and other technologies, using open, unified, standardized interface to realize the connection to CPs and SPs, CLOUDMove provide customers with one-stop Telematics service, and help OEMs to fast launch the richest businesses and services with the minimum costs, and gives our drivers even more drivingbeneficial information. In terms of resource integration, COULDMove also has unmatchable advantages. Presently, COULDMove has been integrated with plenty of third party contents and services, and is able to flexibly connect with TU. Besides, COULDMove could also be used to develop various Telematics applications adapting to TU. And it is believed that with more and more cooperative partners joining to CLOUDMove, there will be more and more third party contents and services available in the platform.