Connected Vehicle Platform


Based on years of TSP construction experience and the independent product research and development, FutureMove could help OEMs and cooperative partners carry out TSP platform architecture design and construction.

Analysis and Discovery of Current Status

FutureMove could help OEMs and cooperative partners to understand its condition, work status and planned goal. And it could make an analysis of the fit between cooperation strategy and goal to specify in which aspect improvement should be carried out.

Overall architecture planning and design
FutureMove could help to form report of Telematics blueprint planning from the aspects of business model, service architecture, operation model and overall technique architecture, as well as give suggestions on implementation, design the future implementation roadmap, make current enforceable work plan, and form a telematics implementation report.

Carry out telematics platform requirement analysis, platformdesign and develop, system testing and go live. During platformconstruction, FutureMove could provide project delivery methodology to help customer form clear input and output in each project period and ensure project quality as well as on time delivery by combing with quality control mechanism.