Company Profiles

FutureMove Automotive Co., Ltd, founded in April 2015, is a high-tech enterprise focusing on providing service operation and information solution in Connected Vehicle industry. The company locates in the artistic and innovative Jingyuan Art Center in Chaoyang District Beijing. FutureMove Automotive is the first Digital & Mobility Service Provider devoting itself to providing Digital Service and Mobility Service in Internet + era. And it is with expertise in telematics, car sharing service, big data analysis, mobile application, etc. Meanwhile, FutureMove Automotive has rich experience in service operation management. Currently, the company has over 150 employees andthe number is increasing as the business has grown instrength.

FutureMove Automotive founding team mainly consists of the elites from world’s top IT company, consulting firm, telecommunication carrier, OEM and Internet elite, which have strong ability and resource complementation. And all of them are enthusiastic about the business innovation and technology research in telematics industry. In today’sever-changing business climate, the company adheresto artisan spirit and innovation thinking as a guide and assiduously strives for perfection, upholds the conceptto create the ultimate user experience and provides our customers with the most professional Digital & MobilityService solutions.

FutureMove Automotive devotes itself to creatingcontinuous and large value for customers, cooperativepartners and the society. In ‘Internet + ’ era, being together with the OEMs, Internet enterprises as well as pioneers in automotive-related industry, FutureMove Automotive will define and build intelligent Connected Vehicle Service, and establish open ecological environment in ‘Internet +’ era. Besides, FutureMove Telematics will invariably supportpartners with the same goal, as well as change the daily travel mode, and benefit to more people.